Tuesday, November 17, 2009

San Juan Capistrano 250-Acre Brush Fire injures Two Firefighters

Some jobs can actually endanger the lives of people who are tasked to fulfill their sworn duties. One of these jobs includes being a firefighter. As dangerous as can be expected, firemen enter burning places, put out the fire and save the people trapped in them.

In fact, two firefighters recently sustained minor injuries while they were trying to contain a wildfire that has already grown to about 250 acres along a wilderness area in Orange County.

According to authorities, the fire burned through heavy bush around four miles east of San Juan Capistrano.

Reports stated that about two water tenders, two fixed-wing aircrafts, five helicopters, four aircrafts, 20 engines, and 300 firefighters were found at the area. In addition, about 100 firefighters were still expected to be summoned to help in the firefighting effort.

Officials said although a downed power pole was found in the area, it is unclear if it is responsible in sparking the glaze.

The state should provide adequate support to the two injured firefighters. In addition, other firefighters should be clearly informed about the danger of their job and what it requires from them.

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