Wednesday, November 11, 2009

San Diego Police calls Monday Bike Collision an Unfortunate Accident

San Diego is calling Monday’s crash an unfortunate Accident. The Incident in question is the bicycle accident that involved a San Diego Patrol Car.

According to reports, the unidentified 63-year-old bicyclist turned from a gasoline station parking lot and headed south to a bike lane in Genesse Avenue.

The bicyclist then crossed a lane and consequently collided with a patrol car north of the intersection at Governor’s Drive.

The patrol car was running under 45 mph and was on the way to respond to another accident when the collision happened. The patrol car did not have his lights and sirens on during the accident.

The bicyclist, on the other hand, was wearing a red helmet and a vest with reflective patches.

The collision knocked the helmet of the cyclist head and he died on the scene.

The officer who was driving the patrol car was uninjured but was placed in paid administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

The family of the elderly bicyclist should consult a wrongful death attorney to discuss their legal options.

Although police are ruling this as an accident, the family of the victim can at least file civil lawsuits against the police officer.

Further investigations would show that even if it was an accident, the police may have committed some acts of negligence that could have caused the collision and resulted in the death of the victim.