Friday, October 30, 2009

Two People Injured after Two-Vehicle Accident Involving an Overturned Car

Many accidents happen along intersections because drivers fail to notice approaching vehicles. If an accident does happen, it often causes both property and physical damage to the people involved.

True enough, another vehicle accident that occurred at the intersection of Orangewood Avenue and Magnolia Street left two people suffering from injuries.

A blue Toyota Corolla reportedly collided with a silver Chrysler 300. It then overturned, crashing into a gutter of Orangewood’s westbound side.

The Chrysler stooped about 50 feet down the street.

According to authorities, the two people suffering from moderate and minor injuries were brought to a hospital.

The initial report revealed that a child was extracted from the overturned vehicle and another person was trapped inside. The child was unharmed in the accident.

Drivers should be extremely careful when passing an intersection where vehicles may approach them from different directions. Doing this can prevent accidents from happening, thus avoiding injuries and property damages.