Thursday, October 8, 2009

Toyota Apologizes for Floor Mat Related Accidents

In a surprising move, Toyota’s president Akio Toyoda apologized after his company announced its largest recall in the United States over floor mats that could jam the accelerator.

Last week, the automotive giant has announced that it will recall 3.8 million vehicles in the US, warning Toyota and Lexus vehicles about possible dangers related to the removable floor mats that could cause accelerators to get stuck and lead to a crash, serious injury or death.

These moves came following the death of a CHP officer and his family in the Santee fatal car accident and the settlement of a case where Toyota was the primary defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit for the death of 39-year old Troy Johnson after his Honda was hit by an out of control Toyota Camry.

The lawyers of the family of Troy Johnson said that the CHP and Toyota tried to put the blame on the Camry driver Guadalupe Gomez but the investigations show that fabric pieces were found to have jammed the accelerator.

The NHTSA also said that it has already received about 102 incidents where the accelerator got jammed in a Toyota vehicle.

All these incidents prompted the unusual apology from Toyoda that shocked reporters in Tokyo.

"Four precious lives have been lost. I offer my deepest condolences," Toyoda said. "Customers bought our cars because they thought they were the safest. But now we have given them cause for grave concern. I can't begin to express my remorse."

This apology signifies the initiative of Toyota to settle the issue with the family of the CHP officer that died after the Santee crash and move on from the incident as soon as possible.

If they have already filed a wrongful death, they may expect a generous settlement from the camp of Toyota.

The product recall was announced to make sure that no more related incidents happen while they are working to repair their damaged reputation.

Toyota is aiming to deflate public concerns as much as possible by apologizing and quickly concluding their position on the issue.