Thursday, October 22, 2009

Car Crashes into a Home in Simi Valley, Injures Mother and Narrowly Misses Baby

A nine-week old baby narrowly missed injury and death while her mom broke her leg after a car plowed through their house in Simi Valley.

According to reports, the car crashed, rolled over and slid into the house.

The mother and child were brought to the hospital for medical evaluation and treatment.

The cause of the crash was not clear but the police ruled out alcohol and drugs as factors for the car accident.

Obviously, the mother can file a personal injury and property damage lawsuit against the driver of the car.

Unless there are other contributory factors in the accident (like another car, a road defect or debris, or a car defect) the driver will most likely be found liable for the injuries.

It does not matter if the driver did not mean to crash into the house; personal injury and property damage lawsuits are not criminal charges but civil lawsuits.

The main point is that if proven that he caused a car accident that caused injury and damages; he and his insurance company should compensate the victims.

The police and the prosecutors will decide whether criminal charges should be filed against the driver.

Then again, it will all depend upon the results of the investigation.