Friday, September 25, 2009

Speeding Driver Speeds off before Killing Santee Woman

Before crashing into a blue Ford explorer driven by a 57-year-old Santee woman, a 17-year-old speeding driver was involved in a hit and run accident.

Tanya Chase was pulling her Chevrolet Cavalier out of the driveway when the same speeding driver rear ended her car. Due to the impact, the Cavalier was forced off the road, crashed into three utility boxes before it slammed through a fence and ended up back on the road. Chase was able to get the car’s license plate while another driver followed the speeding car.

The speeding driver left off and proceeded to I-8 and north on state Route 125 where the fatal collision between the blue Ford explorer driven by Pamela Sue Marabeas happened.

Authorities confirmed that the truck involved in the hit and run was the same truck involved in Santee’s collision.

Authorities have yet to reveal whether drugs or alcohol attended the fatal crash.

The speeding driver had pile of charges against her. Not only she was liable for hit and run but also for a wrongful death case not to mention the property damage caused by her recklessness. On her part, she has to hire an experience car accident attorney to lessen, if the consequences allow, her charges.