Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hospitalized Driver Arrested for Freeway Pileup

Driving under the influence does not only pose threat to the life or limbs of those involved but it also invites property ruins.

In Anaheim, a Yorba Linda man was allegedly driving under the influence. Aside from injuries caused to him and three others, he also caused a chain accident resulting to the damage of several vehicles.

California Highway Patrol officer Devon Boatman stated that they began receiving calls about the reckless driving of a black Dodge Durango SUV driven by the 33 year-old Richard Hildreth in the FasTrak lane of the eastbound 91.

In the course of his care free driving, Hildreth rear ended a Hyundai Elanta driven by a 57 year-old woman, hit at least 15 plastic yellow polls that separate regular traffic from toll lanes, struck the divider between the truck lanes and eventually careening through all lanes and hitting several other cars before coming to a stop.

After stopping, Hildreth refused to heed the command of the police to get out of his car. He was forcefully removed from it after his car caught fire. He was rushed to the hospital with handcuffs on his hands.

For the injured victims, a personal injury case may be maintained against Hildreth while a property damage suit may be filed by the owners of the damaged vehicles. Either way, a car accident attorney can help them through the process.