Friday, May 15, 2009

Two died in an experimental plane crash

Pilot errors are the common causes of plane crash. Improper handling of the plane and negligent flying are frequent mistakes that a pilot commits.

A pilot and a passenger identified as Christopher Kloman and Paul Franklin Claerbout died when their home-built experimental plane crashed. The aircraft plunged on the ground when its wing came off.

Aviation officials revealed that the aircraft was a Baking Deuce, a small, open-cockpit, single-wing plane that was sold as a kit.

Witnesses recounted that the plane was seen on air for 20 minutes performing stunts before it hurtled. Aviation officials were still investigating the cause of the crash.

However, by the structure of the plane alone, you would know that crash is inevitable. If big and well constructed planes are at risk of crashing then what more an experimental plane sold as a kit.

Experimental flying entails even greater risks not only on people on board but also on that of the ground. If negligence has been found to contribute to the crash, an aviation case may be pursued against the negligent parties.

Victims or their loved ones may engage the legal services of a personal injury attorney to guide them through the complicated process of filing a claim.