Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Pile-up on Highway 99

A massive highway collision has left two individuals killed and more than thirty other seriously injured last Saturday, November 3. This great disaster has also managed to clog the entire northbound portion of Highway 99 in Fresno, California, closing the traffic flow in the said area.
According to the reports of the Los Angeles Times, the accident that involved more than a hundred vehicles was caused by a thick fog complemented with speeding above the limits. The authorities have also apprehended a 62-year old man who was suspected to be driving under the influence of alcohol. The police believe that this man was the major cause of the accident since his car was found out to be near the front area of the pile-up.
I just cannot figure it out how the emergency personnel have managed this situation. It must be hell-like scenario seeing those automobiles wreckages and hearing those injured people’s cry for help. It is also extremely dangerous for these emergency units to provide help knowing that an explosion may happen anytime due to gas leaks.
It is unimaginable how most of the victims manage to survive only incurring injuries. Yet, I would suggest that these poor victims still seek justice no matter how trivial their injuries are. They should still consult their most trusted car collision attorneys in pursuing a lawsuit against whosoever are liable for this deemed as one of the worst disaster that happened on Highway 99 in the last ten years.
Whatever it takes, those who have been negligent and imprudent in their actions should be given their lessons. All these victims deserve to be guaranteed of speedy and just compensation. Like any other victims of car accidents, all of them have the right under the law.