Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Defective Cars major issue in Roll Over Accidents

Have you watched the movie Transformers? If yes, did you find it cool that cars transform? Unfortunately, tumbling and transforming cars are only cool in big screens.

In real life, if your car tumbles or turns, chances are you will sustain serious injuries. There are many factors that cause vehicles to roll over; weather conditions, road conditions or driver's negligence are among them.

However, one alarming factor is vehicle defect. If you are traveling within the speed limit during a fair weather and your car suddenly rolls over during a safe turn, you may have a defective vehicle.

Law provides that you may claim damages for serious injuries as a result of car accidents caused by defective vehicles. Car manufacturers should know that defective cars could cause serious injuries or even fatalities and they may be responsible for any injuries caused by a defect in the automobile under the personal injury law regarding product liability.

If car companies produce a defective car – either through the process of manufacturing, designing, assembling, or labeling – they are liable for any injuries, loss and catastrophic accidents the defective vehicle causes.

Remember, if your car suddenly turns and you are not dreaming, you are definitely not in a movie. Unlike movie stars, you get hurt and you are given the right to claim damages for that accident. Through a product liability claim, a person injured by a defective vehicle can recover compensation from the manufacturer or distributor.